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NEW Hughesnet Fusion® Plans

Hughesnet Fusion plans combine satellite and wireless technologies to reduce latency and deliver a faster, more responsive Internet experience.


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Low-latency satellite Internet for a faster, more responsive experience.



Low-latency satellite Internet experience with the most data available.

Find out if Hughesnet Fusion plans are available where you live!

Fusion Plan availability is expected to expand in the coming months. Check back for updates!

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Low-latency experience

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Multipath Technology

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Plans with speeds up to 50 mbps*

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Low-latency = Feels faster

Innovative multipath technology uses the best connection for your online activities to minimize latency for a fast response and added reliability. The experience feels faster, especially while browsing content-rich websites and video conferencing. Live or work where you love and enjoy the best of satellite Internet with Hughesnet Fusion plans.

High-speed satellite Internet is available where you live!


What are Hughesnet Fusion plans?
Hughesnet Fusion plans blend the best of satellite and wireless technologies into a single connection that transforms the rural internet experience.
What is latency and low-latency?
With satellite internet, requests travel a long distance from your device to a satellite and back. This distance causes a slight delay known as latency. This delay doesn’t impact most online activities but is noticeable when watching videos, browsing content-rich sites and video conferencing. Low-latency is when there is less lag or buffering when sending latency sensitive requests. Hughesnet Fusion plans combine satellite and wireless technologies for a low-latency internet experience, so you can stream video and enjoy smooth video-conferencing, with less buffering.
What is the difference between Hughesnet Fusion plans and satellite plans?
Satellite plans use the latest satellite technologies to allow you to stay connected, stream movies and play online games. Hughesnet Fusion plans blend the best of satellite and wireless technologies into a single connection. With a Fusion plan, your service feels faster and more responsive, especially when using time-sensitive applications. You can enjoy real-time gaming with a low-latency connection that won’t spoil the fun.
Are Hughesnet Fusion plans available where I live or work?
Hughesnet Fusion plans are currently available in select areas of the country. Enter your address or call to see if these exciting new plans are available where you live today!
Can I play real-time video games?
Multiplayer games requiring rapid response are only supported with Hughesnet Fusion plans. We do not recommend console-based gaming activities because they quickly consume your Priority Data.
Are Fusion plans eligible for ACP?
Yes! All Residential service plans are eligible for the program.

*Actual speeds may vary and are not guaranteed.


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